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How to Be in Your Source Connection

by Samantha Lepore

In this chat, we’ll discuss:

• What it means to be spiritual

• What spirituality doesn't mean

• How to tap directly into your source connection for an awesome life

• How to resource your world.

Remember, spirituality is the simplest thing in the world. Let’s uncomplicate the games and the clutter and just have fun being!

Samantha likes observing God in the awesome, in the everyday, and in Thai food and skateboarding. To her, spirituality is about showing up, learning, and being your own source of truth. No teacher or healer can guide you back home - you're the one who knows the way.

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Mindfulness & Emotional Wellbeing for Children, Teenagers & Parents

by Terri Allen

Using Award Winning Books on Mindfulness, My Magical Garden and My Magical Tree, I will take both children and parents through pages of each book creating a story through personal guided visualization connecting them with the rhythm and senses of nature. Learning how they can choose to change their thoughts from negative to positive, a new way to manage and explore their emotional, to be calmer, relaxed, balanced and focused. The appendix in each book provides the parents, careers and teachers can identify the child's emotions and are offered support suggestions. Each book comes with a downloadable guided visualization. I will be taking questions at the end of the session, plus book signing for parents to purchase a copy of each book. Children ages 5 years up wards are welcome!

Terri Allen is an International Mindfulness Teacher, Award Winning Author of two Mindfulness Book and Holistic Life Coach. Terri teaches Mindfulness, Emotional Awareness & Meditation to Children, Teenagers and Parents. Terri has been called by her clients "The Child Whisperer" as she uses her highly intuitive side to the deep root of the emotion swiftly and holistically.

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Soul Conversations

by Austyn Wells

You are immortal: a one-of-a-kind miracle here to gift this world with your particular kind of magic. To nurture your soul demands an ability to balance your finite perceptions of the physical world and with the infinite intelligence of the available Universe. Join Spiritual Medium Austyn Wells for an empowering and enlightening class exploring your soul and why we can forget our divine essence. Using exercises and techniques from her book, Soul Conversations, you will gain powerful tools to help you blend with the ever-present grace that surrounds you in all the moments of your life and realign with the majesty of your soul.

Austyn is an author, spiritual medium, and soul gardener who empowers individuals to create soul-centered lives. A certified grief counselor, she combines intuition and mediumship with shamanism, energy medicine, and sacred ceremony. She created the Divine Spark and Divine Insight Cards, as well as her book Soul Conversations.

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Learning how to read signs and symptoms of the body

by Kimberley Bennett

In this workshop, she will give you examples of nails, skin, iridology, tongue, wear marks on shoes, bowel function, and tell you what they mean and how to manage them for health. She will:
• Help you will analyze your body and the correlation to your health and lifestyle.
• Give tips and tools for how to fix symptoms i.e. falling hair + soft nails + loose bowel + anxiety = malabsorption of micronutrients which requires digestive enzymes & probiotics.

Kimberley is a Doctorate of Natural medicine, specializing in medication damage, surgical error and functional disorders. She has extensive training in all areas of health including homeopathy, iridology and holistic nutrition. She has been in practice over 20yrs and her goal is to help you age gracefully without product dependency.

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Outdoor Yoga Class (All levels)

9 am - 10 am

Start your Sunday with an outdoor yoga class!

Space is limited. Bring your own mat! All levels are welcome.

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